Spiritual Direction

“Helping people tell their sacred stories everyday”
– Spiritual Directors International

Why seek a Spiritual Director?

Perhaps you feel spiritually hungry.  Maybe you want to live more authentically.  Are you facing a life choice or decision?  Does the Way of Christ beckon to you?  Are you yearning for the ‘more’ of life?  A trained Spiritual Director can accompany you as you journey in grace, truth, and love.

For more information, see the chapter on Spiritual Direction in Soul Feast by Marjorie J. Thompson.

Begin by praying for God’s guidance and for open doors.  If you know someone in spiritual direction, ask them for suggestions.  Your clergy and denominational leaders might have names of local spiritual directors.

Every member of the HeartPaths faculty is a trained spiritual director.  We’re eager to serve you through our program or individually as you follow your daily call.

What Is Spiritual Direction? A session for your church or spiritual community

Is your church group interested in new ways to explore faith?  Do you know a group whose members yearn for direct access to the Christ behind Christian projects? Is your youth group ready to go a little deeper? Speakers are available. Demonstrations of an actual spiritual direction session at your location are also possible. We’d love to talk with you about scheduling this!

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